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Traditional Braces – Derry, NH

Achieve a Straighter Smile and Even Bite

When you need to treat crooked teeth, malocclusions (or uneven bites) and overcrowding, traditional braces have been the go-to standard. They have been around as a concept for centuries, but Simply Orthodontics Derry as well as many other orthodontists have been proving their effectiveness for a very long time. We’re proud to be able to help families and individuals prevent severe oral complications later in life. If your child needs to solve misalignment, overbites, or another issue, please call our orthodontic office today for traditional braces in Derry, NH!

Young girl with traditional braces smiling

Expectations for Traditional Metal Braces

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During your comprehensive exam, we’ll check all the structures of your mouth and confirm if any orthodontic issues are present. This will help us determine if metal braces are the most ideal treatment for your case. If so, we’ll schedule you for a later appointment to have the brackets and wires attached to your teeth. Prior to placing them, we’ll perform a very detailed cleaning and dry your enamel completely. Then, we’ll place bonding material so the brackets stay in place for many months to come. Next, an archwire is threaded through each bracket and then trimmed so no excess wire is present. Finally, a series of small elastic bands are wrapped around each bracket. You can customize the color of these bands any way you’d like.

Treatment Length for Traditional Braces

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The length of your orthodontic treatment will vary depending on the severity of your dental issues. The amount of room available for teeth to shift as well as the distance your teeth need to travel are two of the most important factors we consider as they determine the success of your treatment. Additionally, good at-home oral hygiene and following your orthodontist’s instructions is essential. You will likely wear the braces for one to three years as this is often the case for most patients. After the braces come off, a retainer must be worn for at least 12 months so that teeth do not shift back.

How to Know if Traditional Braces are for You

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We will determine if your child needs to have braces during their comprehensive exam. One of our highly trained orthodontists will provide you with a recommendation based on how severe your dental issues actually are. Whether it’s crooked and misaligned teeth or uneven bites or rotated teeth, we can fix them using traditional braces. However, if your case is more mild, we may recommend treatment that does not require as much time or as much of a commitment to complete. We’re happy to discuss these different options in greater detail based on what will best help your oral health and meet your personal preferences.

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